Spring Symposium 2024 of the Fachgruppe Database Systems: Beyond Silos

Organisation: Fachgruppe Database Systems (FG DB)

The Spring Symposium 2024 of the Fachgruppe Database Systems (FG DB) "Beyond Silos: Next Steps in Research Data Management" is dedicated to FAIR Data, Research Data Management and how the database community can contribute to it.

The Symposium will be organized in three plenary sessions, a poster session and an open space session bringing together NFDI consortia and the database community.
In the plenary sessions, we will investigate different aspects of our overarching theme:

  • Incentives (and Hurdles) for FAIR Data: What prevents the provision of FAIR Data? And how can provding FAIR data be incentivised?
  • Interoperability and Reproducibility: Most people agree, that the "I" in FAIR is the hardest to achieve. In this session, we will look at platforms that support large-scale integration of data and interoperation of tools. We will also discuss, how reproducibility can be achieved.
  • Automated Data Engineering and AI-based user support: Manual effort be it for data quality assurance, meta data or data integration is a major obstacle on the way to FAIR data. New AI approaches promise (partial) automation of some of these hard and cumbersome tasks. Other tools aim to provide users with a low effort way to access and analyze data. 

The program is still coming together. A few of the invited talks are:

  • Tanja Auge (U Regensburg) will talk on schema evolution in research data
  • Felix Engel (TIB Hannover) will talk about terminologies and terminology services
  • Michael Gertz (U Heidelberg) will talk about experiences using LLMs
  • Björn Grüning (U Freiburg) will inform about new developments in Elixir and Galaxy
  • the Helmholtz Task Force on Quality Indicators for data and software products will provide insights into their first results
  • Miriam Kip (Charité) will provide insights into incentives for good data management
    Fabian Panse (HPI) will talk about tabular data synthesis
  • Sheeba Samuel (U Jena) will discuss provenance and reproducibility
  • Bernhard Seeger (U Marburg, NFDI4Biodiversity) will be present the research data commons

Detailed info on program, call for abstracts, registration and more can be found here.

Contact: birgitta.koenig-ries@uni-jena.de

Scene 6
11.03. - 12.03.2024
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