Seasonal School on Data Management in Biodiversity and Environmental Science

Organisation: German Federation for Biological Data (GFBio e.V.), Philipps University of Marburg, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Integrative Biodiversity Research Halle-Jena-Leipzig (iDiv)

Acquire in-depth RDM knowledge in just one week

The NFDI4Bio & iDiv Seasonal School on Data Management in Biodiversity and Environmental Science, a collaboration between the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and the consortium NFDI4Biodiversity, offers cutting-edge skills and knowledge essential for handling scientific data throughout its life cycle. The intensive five-day program combines direct knowledge transfer with practical lessons to introduce participants to fundamental and advanced tools in research data management (RDM), tailored to enhance their future careers.

Participants will engage in a simulated scientific project that covers the entire data life cycle (DLC): data collection, integration from databases, quality control, visualization, and data publication. Using the GFBio DMP Tool, attendees will create a Data Management Plan (DMP) and map local plant occurrences with QField. They will also integrate datasets from repositories like PANGAEA, utilize Jupyter and R for data analysis and visualization, and learn how to publish data on platforms such as PANGAEA and GBIF.


Renowned experts from universities, data centers, and research institutions will guide participants through essential RDM aspects, including handling spatial and taxonomical data, integrating diverse data sources, and navigating legal considerations. 

The program emphasizes the use of Jupyter Notebook as a versatile RDM tool and development environment, suitable for interdisciplinary work by combining multiple programming languages.

Join us to learn...

  • How to create a data management plan
  • How to use Jupyter in combination with R (and Python) as working environment
  • Legal aspects of handling data
  • How to handle spatial data
  • How to integrate data from different sources
  • How to publish data

Please note that spaces for our Seasonal School are limited. Priority will be given to members of the iDiv graduate program (yDiv), but participants from all institutions are welcome to apply.

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More about our Seasonal Schools

Interested in more information about our Seasonal School concept and how it was developed? You can read more detailed information here.

02.12. - 06.12.2024
Free of charge
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